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  1. Raymond B. 5.10.09 / 5am

    A beautiful piece, documenting the plight of the Assyrian people. I hope to spread this around, and raise some awareness.

    Excellent use of music as well. Very haunting.

  2. Afram 5.10.09 / 5am

    Good video!

  3. Ralf E. 5.11.09 / 8am

    Very impressive work!

  4. Danny Warda 5.11.09 / 7pm

    It was great to see two of my friends in this video however it is sad to hear the stories . Thank you for this great video that could do something and help them in their struggle.

  5. Yaqub Khoshaba 5.11.09 / 7pm

    Thank you for opening our eyes!

    Brilliant piece of work, Good on you all,

    God bless you all.

  6. Emmanuel H. Younan 5.12.09 / 12am

    Anobel, you’ve done a wonderful job and great deed for our nation. Adam, your work is masterful and professional. Keep up the great work.

  7. Robert Youssefi 5.12.09 / 12pm

    This video is amazing and definitely has the power to make people aware of what is happening to Assyrians in the Middle East.

  8. Juliana Taimoorazy 5.12.09 / 6pm

    What a compelling documentary. May God bless you and our nation. Please visit our web site for information on how to help our brothers and sisters in Christ affected by the war in Iraq,

  9. Juliana Taimoorazy 5.12.09 / 6pm

    What a compelling documentary. May God bless you and our nation. Please visit our web site for information on how to help the brothers and sisters in Christ affected by the war,

  10. Carlo 5.12.09 / 6pm

    Thank you for your hard work God Bless

  11. Claude Kanoun 5.12.09 / 6pm

    An emotional piece of reality. it is sad to see the Assyrian people living like this. Its a feeling of hopelessness, and sorrow.

    I am proud to be Assyrian !

  12. Shamiram & Alfred Safar 5.12.09 / 7pm

    Very well done. We are proud of you. We were sadden to learn about our brothers & sisters life in Syria. We are ready to help if we know how. God bless Assyrian.

  13. Yolanda Bebla 5.12.09 / 11pm

    This is brilliant, Anobel. What a service to our nation! Young Assyrians like you make me proud and give me hope. God bless you!

  14. Esha 5.13.09 / 1am

    Congratulations on a very good production. However, some of the content is not relevant to the subject as a whole and fit to be included in this documentary. If your intention is to get attention and support from the American public or government agencies, I suggest eliminating some images that are meaningless and could have a negative affect on some viewers.

  15. Josephine 5.13.09 / 12pm

    Excellent Documentary. So proud of you…
    God Bless you!

  16. Vladi M 5.13.09 / 12pm

    May the Lord Bless you for this voluntary service to our nation.

  17. Sargon P. Bardau 5.13.09 / 4pm

    Brava Anobel! You’ve put a face on our Assyrian brethren’s plight in middle east. Remember the power of prayer folks…

  18. Sargon Bardau 5.13.09 / 4pm

    Brava Anobel!

  19. Richard Zoumalan 5.13.09 / 6pm

    Excellent film documenting the plight of our people. Thank you Anobel.

  20. Albert Davidoo 5.13.09 / 9pm

    Dearest Anobel,

    I commend you for the impeccable use of your talent to raise awareness of this sad displacement and the impacts of our Assyrian/Iraqi refugees due to the war.

    I salute you, my brother, for taking the time to remind your fellow Assyrians to stand up, be united and help our unfortunate brothers and sisters, especially the innocent kids.

    There are many documentaries out there, but the one you have presented, reinforces our mission at the Assyrian Medical Society. As you mentioned, your sole purpose to raise awareness, which is the most challenging beginning. Our mission statement is to implement that awareness.

    Your documentary has really touched a soft spot in my heart. I understand their needs, I feel their pain, and above all, I truly set out on caring and loving every single person I can. This story you’ve presented is the first step in helping.

    On behalf of Assyrian Medical Society, I would like to extend an invitation to you and your family to be my guest of honor at the Appreciation Dinner in Los Angeles on June 6th. I would respectfully like to ask you to be one of our guest speakers, related to the medical needs of Assyrians as you become aware of from your trip to the Middle East.

    Please call me at your earliest convenience to discuss this invitation or to discuss your involvement with the Assyrian Medical Society. I would be grateful if you could take a couple minutes to see what our society has done to date to assist Assyrians all over the world, by visiting this website:


    Albert Davidoo, Chairman
    Assyrian Medical Society

  21. Marodeen 5.14.09 / 12am

    Jabara the omtee Anobel Alha khamelokh havet basema gha khobed itlokh gha omtokh Atoreta
    Roba shaper shola vedved in bekhshavet amsen haven hayeranah madelee
    Makhabanokh akhonokh

  22. Ramond Takhsh 5.14.09 / 10am

    Hey brotha, once again man, well done. The nun’s comments at the end of your piece really said it all and should be a wake-up call to all Assyrians in diaspora that have placed sectarian disputes above our oomta and our duties to it.

  23. Jennifer 5.14.09 / 3pm

    Heads up that was great! I’m going to the Assyrian Mecical
    society Party hope to see you there.

  24. Salwan 5.16.09 / 9am

    First of all for the guy thats working as translator for US army. Well what do you expect? wake up & use your brain your living in a muslim country and your helping americans and your Christian, dont be so stupid!.

    Nuns comment at the end, I cant believe that even when theyr in this situation theyr still going by 7th , 25 etc.. no wonder God is still punishing us.

    Finally everyone as one omta should step in and help out but being an Assyrian i highly doubt that so good luck to those in Syrian & different part of the world they need to rely on thierself and thier relatives to get to where they want. Sadly Assyrians will never help each other every group has thier own party & believe in this church or that and fight each other.

  25. Myckel Haghnazari 5.19.09 / 1pm

    That was simply brilliant!
    Let me know how I can help.

  26. Homy 5.20.09 / 1pm

    This was a great job! Definitely an Eye opener and a wake up call… thank you for sharing this, and may god bless!

  27. Nelly Tuman 5.27.09 / 7pm

    Aziza Anobel. so proud of you.i hope the outside world can see this documentary too. it should n’t be just for Assyrian people to watch. It is too sad to see what is happening to our brothers and sisters.let us know how we can help.
    chewo gha tokhon.

  28. Kevin "M.K." Thomas 5.29.09 / 2am

    This was a very well put together documentary. Great Job Man! BTW, I agree with Ray’s comment about the nun!

    -Kevin “M.K.” Thomas

  29. Robert 5.29.09 / 3pm


    I am really proud of the work you have done; to bring awareness and to be a voice for those whose voices are not heard. Anyone of us could be in the same situation, we are no better. I pray that this documentary will serve as an electric jolt to wake up all Assyrians to stand united and demand their rigths. Our people demand more of us and all of us have to answer this call. God bless you…


  30. Peter Khooshabeh 6.8.09 / 2pm

    Great job Anobel!

  31. Marlene 7.13.09 / 2am

    Amazing job! well done courageous one! We all need some of your courage to speak for those that injustice has silenced. We have hope in Christ that as long as we faithful, He will be faithful. But we need love to move forward to help our people.

    “If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal” 1 Corinthians 13:1

    Your work speaks volumes of love.
    God bless

  32. John Pirali 8.30.11 / 1am

    I am saddened and ashamed by what is happening to our nation. By lack of leadership. By lack of accountability. By lack of responsibility. By not having unity. By our churches pulling the wool over our eyes and filling our ears with, like the great and courageous sister Hatune said, “Bullshit”. When will we learn? How many more families must be destroyed? How many more Assyrians must suffer? When will be the time for us to finally say ENOUGH?
    Anobel, THANK YOU for your courage to show the truth. Thank you for your great work. Thank you for being a true Assyrian. Khayet
    We at Assyrian National Broadcasting, are here to help you, Anobel. Our satellite channel is at your disposal. Anything we can do, anytime you need us, we will be there.

  33. Andranik Martirosyan 10.5.11 / 2pm

    God Bless Assyrians. Armenian nation always will be with you!

  34. David Shamoun 1.19.12 / 1pm

    A very good and informative film, nice job Anobel! I just wish the topic of this film would have been a happy one, but that’s not the reality. Lets all try to help the Assyrians, I know I will do my part, god bless

  35. Eileen Bermingham 2.12.12 / 5pm

    Great work, Anobel. This is a very sad situation and you’ve done an excellent job of presenting the details in a clear and professional manner that makes you really care about these people and feel a connection to them.

  36. Desirah 7.12.13 / 9pm

    Outstanding, eye-opening documentary. Their voice will be heard, God never leaves His people behind. Have faith ,may God bless you.

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